VC Acknowledges Star Performing Employees

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VC Acknowledges Star Performing Employees

VC Acknowledges Star Performing Employees

With the view of awarding employees who have contributed immensely to the service excellence and advancement of UNIZULU, the Vice-Chancellor Prof Xoliswa Mtose presented the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Appreciation Awards and luncheon to thank outstanding staff members at a ceremony held at the Council Chambers, KwaDlangezwa campus.

These awards aimed at acknowledging UNIZULU staff who have professionally rendered exceptional services and who continuously deliver high-quality work.

The awards also support the University’s values of a workforce who perform impeccably in their respective areas. UNIZULU believes that the quality of service provided at the University is a reflection of the quality of the institution’s employees.

The Executive Director of Human Resources Raynolds Ngcobo praised the awardees for being the silent beacons of the University who worked tirelessly regardless of the challenges they sometimes faced. He reinforced this message through a metaphorical comparison of a sullen farmer who dutifully filled his leaking barrel with water and carried it for distance to irrigate his master’s crops. He did so constantly and whole-heartedly despite the challenge he faced.

According to Ngcobo, this kind of action or behaviour is a testament to one’s character and professionalism. Thus, these awards aim to recognise and knowledge those kinds of individuals.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof Xoliswa Mtose reiterated these sentiments. She compared the awardees to a live organ that is the operational force of the University.

“The work you do empowers and capacitates the university to achieve its goals as a leading higher education institution despite the challenges that exist. I wanted to showcase my gratitude to those who propel the university to higher heights and to those you sometimes get overlooked. To those (men and women) I wish to tell you that, I see you and I am very thankful,” said Prof Mtose.

Award recipients were from various Departments within the institution these include; Physical planning and Operations (PPO), Protection Services Division (PSD), Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), Finance, Human Resource as well as Communications and Marketing Division (CMD).

One of the recipients, Doechund Mothilall a lecturer from the Department of Public Law profoundly thanked Prof Mtose for her continued support and strength as a leader of the University. He urged fellow recipients to enjoy this moment but to continue to work diligently in their respective fields so that, they may become role models to those around them.


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