University of Zululand

Welcome to UNIZULU

| A node for African thought

Welcome to UNIZULU

| A node for African thought

A leading comprehensive African university that thrives on quality and fosters collaborative and innovative cultures with its rural and urban campuses. Producing globally competitive graduates relevant to the development needs of the country, and; engage with society for the betterment of all.

Embrace the rich tapestry of African wisdom and knowledge at the University of Zululand. Here, we celebrate the diversity of thought, fostering a vibrant community that values the essence of Ubuntu. Join UNIZULU on a journey where African perspectives shape the future. Your journey with us is not just an education; it’s a celebration of African thought, a symphony of ideas that resonate far beyond our borders. Unleash your potential, embrace your roots, and let your academic adventure begin!

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A Node for African Thought

Our 24/7/365 live information centre that takes calls in 17 languages is complemented by a full suite of reporting channels to provide whistle blowers with ease of contact using their preferred method.

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