UNIZULU Appoints Dr Xhala as Executive Director: Physical Planning and Operations (Infrastructure)

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UNIZULU Appoints Dr Xhala as Executive Director: Physical Planning and Operations (Infrastructure)

UNIZULU Appoints Dr Xhala as Executive Director: Physical Planning and Operations (Infrastructure)

The University of Zululand (UNIZULU) is thrilled to announce that the University Council has approved the appointment of Dr Ncedo Cameron Xhala as its new Executive Director for Physical Planning and Operations [PPO] (Infrastructure). 

Dr Xhala’s diverse work experience stems from different built environment professions which include construction management, project management, town planning and financial management. To note, he has a PhD in Construction Management, Master of Science in the Built Environment specialising in project management, Master’s in Town and Regional Planning, Hons in Demography, and a BA ED. He also holds various industry certificates including one in finance.

In Dr Xhala, UNIZULU has found a dynamic, experienced, and visionary leader who will oversee the strategic infrastructure projects and its development, maintenance, and the modernisation of the UNIZULU campuses’ infrastructure.

The intricate interrelations between population growth and development stimulated Dr Xhala’s enthusiasm to understand the complexities between population issues, infrastructure, and finance from a demographic point of view.

As the newly appointed executive director of PPO, Dr Xhala brings high-level expertise on infrastructure planning, financing, implementation, and oversight as one of his core technical skills. He has worked at both national and provincial government departments. As part of his infrastructure portfolio, he was responsible for the oversight of 45 municipalities with infrastructure funding and tasked with the implementation of infrastructural development projects.

Dr Xhala has worked at both the Eastern Cape COGTA, Walter Sisulu University, and at the Department of Higher Education and Training, where he focused on infrastructure projects in 26 public higher institutions of learning and 50 public TVET Colleges of South Africa. He has a blend of extensive administrative and technical knowledge, leadership and management skills, financial management as well as technical project management expertise.

His operations strategy is grounded on integrity, systematic processes, change in achieving the set targets and working closely with all the members of the University community. His mission is to improve efficiency in the implementation of infrastructure projects. His leadership style is a combination of transformational and democratic leadership styles.

Dr Xhala states that his “intent as a leader is to communicate, make commitments, construct relationship ties on leaders and followers as a principled objective on increasing morality and inspiration”.

Welcome to the University, Dr Xhala!

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