Nkosi is set on refining his family life

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Nkosi is set on refining his family life

Nkosi is set on refining his family life

Sacrifices, hard work, and dedication yielded a positive outcome when Nduduzo Nkosi who hails from Madadeni in Newcastle matriculated.

Nkosi is now a registered student for the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Zululand.

Talking about how he feels, he said: “As the first person in my family to decide to go to university, it is a slightly daunting but equally exciting experience. I want to set a good example to my younger siblings. I want them to surpass me, they must do better. My parents were brought up to focus on working and providing for themselves after they finished school, opposed to pursuing higher education. However, they have always taught me that I shouldn’t take education for granted and I’ve been brought up to value education and its benefits for developing you as a person and helping you pursue a variety of career options.”

“While my friends could ask their parents and siblings about what university is like and get their advice, I wasn’t able to do this as nobody in my family had any experience of applying to or attending university,” Nkosi said.

Mathematics isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but Nkosi truly loves it. He said that while some get an adrenaline rush by spending hours tackling a problem, the very same problem can make others want to pull their hair out! Thankfully, he is in the former category, which is why he chose to pursue a Maths degree.

Looking back on how he managed to do so well, Nkosi counted working hard and not allowing circumstances that he came across to be a stumbling block in his life.

The twenty-year-old said that his background is one of the things that pushed him to study hard as he always knew that he wanted to make his home a better place than what it is today. He is certain that pursuing his studies in UNIZULU will enable him to play a major role in uplifting the family.

According to Nkosi, his background is his strength. “You bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Don’t let your challenges define you. Embrace them as lessons that have shaped your perseverance and determination,” concluded Nkosi.

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