Workshop on Digital Transformation Framework Proves Fruitful

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Workshop on Digital Transformation Framework Proves Fruitful

Workshop on Digital Transformation Framework Proves Fruitful

Digital transformation is about change, not technology. This was the general consensus during the recent educational and interesting two-day Digital Transformation Framework workshop.

This workshop was organised by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, Professor Vuyokazi Nomlomo, and was held at the Bon Hotel in Richards Bay. It aimed to provide a collaborative environment to explore innovative strategies tailored to augment teaching and learning experiences while navigating the intricacies of digital transformation.

Furthermore, the workshop sought to emphasise the strategic objectives outlined in UNIZULU’s Vision 2027 and the imperative of implementing a robust digital transformation framework and its accompanying plan. As such, the workshop provided a conducive space to inaugurate the Digital Transformation Framework while fostering insightful discussions on the most effective means to actualise UNIZULU Vision 2027 objectives.

In her welcome, Prof Nomlomo outlined the importance of the Digital Transformation Framework as a blueprint for embracing innovation and adapting to the evolving landscape of education in the digital age. This was also deeply intertwined with the concept paper on digital transformation, which serves as a compass, guiding the institution towards leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

“As we embark on this workshop, let us embrace the spirit of collaboration and innovation, drawing inspiration from each other’s experiences and insights. Together, let us explore how the Digital Transformation Framework can be leveraged to empower our students, enhance their learning experiences, and ultimately pave the way for a brighter future,” said Prof Nomlomo.

The workshop was facilitated by Creswell Du Preez, a lecturer at Nelson Mandela University whose duties currently include developing ICT strategies and guiding ICT governance. He stressed the importance of colleagues interacting in everything they do. He also provided in-depth insight into Digital Transformation Framework linked to the teaching and learning process for the student’s excellence, engagement, and completion.

  • Pamela Mlaba

Picture: James Thwala