Women in Leadership Workshop

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Women in Leadership Workshop

Women in Leadership Workshop

The South African Student University Forum) SASUF STUDENTS at the university of Zululand  (UNIZULU in collaboration with the pastoral care unit recently hosted Women IN LEADERSHIP seminar.

The seminar  entitled “ discovering the equilibrium within the multiple  roles of women and their emancipation bringing up the perception was thrilled of modern women.” This seminar was intentionally hosted during the month of  August  which is Women’s Month when South Africa celebrates the strength and resilience of women and their contribution to society and country. On the day , the conversations featured in-depth and idea exchanges around the topics of leadership, career development,  self-care, entrepreneurship, the future of work, social impact, gender equality, activism and advocacy and a lot more!

In her opening remarks, the dean of the faculty of Education, Professor Sethabile Ntombela, who is also the chair of the gender forum of the institution . Prof Ntombela addressed particularly young women, since their journey is just taking off. Speaking about the importance of creating a balance between the multiple roles that women are expected to play .Also spoke about being able to navigate one’s space

” Women have multiple roles as the theme of the day indicates, some of them are imposed upon us by socialisation and some we assume ourselves. It is worse for African women because of the strong traditions and customs that we have. As modern women it is important that we learn to navigate the spaces that we operate in .” said Prof Ntombela.

The project coordinator for SASUF Helen Backman was thrilled to witness the student network hosting the session .Sent her greetings from Sweden and wished that the dialogue becomes a success.” Thank you for bringing this up for a conversation, how successful women can strike a balance between being a wife, a mother , a colleague, and coping with all these societal expectations .These are not easy roles to have ,

The keynote speaker for the day Advocate Heidi Schoeman  who is a senior lecturer in the Law Department at UNIZULU. spoke about a modern woman from a legal perspective. Gave legal advice to women on legal legislative framework. She advised women that they do not have to be super women and they must learn to say no,  they must ask for help if needs be.” the advancing of women’s  rights in South Africa, in 1892 no women regardless of race had the ability to  vote. The first female that was ever appointed in parliament was Laila Reitz.”

In response to this one of the students thanked  Advocate Schoeman for her passion on the subject and on the passion on students as a whole, for  has opening  their eyes

Discussions took place around the issue of women in leadership. The platform was also a reminder that there is a still a lot of work which still must be done so as to challenge the status quo and social injustices, and that women need to continue to pay it forward to create a future which is inclusive and create an optimistic, more diverse future for existing and upcoming generations.

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