Dr Reddy’s message for the Women’s Month

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Dr Reddy’s message for the Women’s Month

Dr Reddy’s message for the Women’s Month

Genuine role model women are not concerned about having a superficial impact or about being popular or wearing the most liked person badge. 

Rather, they understand the difference between leaving behind an inheritance or a legacy. 

Why leave an inheritance when it fades away with time. Or when it is all spent – then there is nothing left. And all the years of hard work is wiped away. It may temporarily bring joy but it bears no fruit.

Strong courageous God fearing women know the value of a living legacy. 

It is something you instill in others and it permanently transforms them. It lives on long after you die. Your day to day activities become lasting achievements. Your values and morals and leadership and kindness and love becomes a living legacy.

May your vision of greatness within you and in those who you impact, live on for many generations to come.

  • Dr Mike Reddy

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