Double Celebration for Identical Twin Sisters’ Family

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Double Celebration for Identical Twin Sisters’ Family

Double Celebration for Identical Twin Sisters’ Family

It was a double celebration for the Nsibande family on Tuesday, 8 December 2020, when twin sisters Ntando and Nothando Nsibande graduated at the University of Zululand (UNIZULU).

The duo may be identical but when it came to careers, their individualism shone through. Ntando graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Geography and Tourism, while Nothando graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Industrial Sociology.

For the indistinguishable pair, graduating together is the culmination of a memorable academic journey they walked side by side for the past four years.

“For us to be graduating together is (like a dream). She is my day one and we have been together from the beginning of our time. (We’ve) always been there for each other; we help each other a lot. Not to say that we do not fight, we fight a lot,” said Nothando with a chuckle. The siblings acknowledged their parents, family members and friends for their enduring support and inspiration.

Like most identical twins, being mixed up is the norm for the Nsibande sisters. It was no different in their high school days either. The experience of being mixed up with one another is always amusing for them because, except for their hairstyles, they do not wear the same outfits. 

On their future plans, they said furthering their studies is in the pipeline. Nothando is going to register for a postgraduate diploma in labour relations and try to secure a part-time job. Ntando’s plan is to register for an honours degree in environmental management.

They advised other students to work hard, stay motivated and do postgraduate studies. “Studying is all about sacrificing. Education comes first. Don’t let peer pressure get the better of you. The lecturers are there to help you. Consult; it is for your own good,” Ntando said.

– Precious Shamase


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