Advancing Health Education

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Advancing Health Education

Advancing Health Education

The University of Zululand is gearing up for this year’s First Things First campaign which sees the advancement of  health education about sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS as well as tuberculosis and other health and social conditions affecting young people in higher education.

The campaign is held under the banner of the University’s Student Services Department (SSD). Through the campaign, various wellness services; such as HIV/AIDS screenings, are rolled out.

The campaign was designed by the Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) to advance health education and awareness about HIV/ AIDS, STIs, TB and other related health and social conditions affecting the progress of young people in all South African Higher Education institutions. The campaign aims to prevent new infections and to ensure that those who are infected and affected by the aforementioned conditions receive proper treatment and support as a matter of national priority. In the process, students and staff in are encouraged to get tested and to know their HIV statuses.

This year’s event will be held as from Monday, 19 February until Friday, 23 February 2018.

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