Nanotech Guru Research Grows at an Impressive Rate

He is one of the leading UNIZULU academic and he is profiled world – wide and known for his impeccable research especially in the field of nanotechnology, Professor Neerish Revaprasadu. He has achieved another milestone as the Nanoscience Volume 5 has been published in E-Book format, with the print book due shortly.

Prof. Revaprasadu currently supervises  5 postdoctoral fellows 6 Ph.D and 2 M.Sc students. He has hosted students from all the over the world including Egypt, India, Cameroon, Tanzania and Ghana on regular basis. His work on developing materials for energy applications is gaining traction. He is the pioneer and one of the leading figures in his field. His group has published 25 articles and 3 book chapters in 2018.

Prof. Revaprasadu alluded that his work success is also due to the University of Zululand support “the support received for my research from the University is now paying dividends. UNIZULU policies and investment in research is vital to create world class sustainable and relevant research, I am grateful to the University for providing an enabling environment to carry out my work” he said.

The Special Periodic Report on Nanoscience Vol. 5 provides a digest of the last twelve months of literature across the field of Nanoscience.  The series is published by the highly reputable Royal Society of Chemistry. The editors present critical and comprehensive reviews of the hottest topics in the field. Prof. Neerish Revaprasadu (Unizul) and  Dr John Thomas (Univ. of Bangor) have edited the last two volumes. Anyone practicing in the nano-allied fields, or has an interest in Nanoscience will benefit from this comprehensive resource.

The latest installment in the series Nanoscience Volume 5 provides a critical and comprehensive assessment of the most recent research and opinion from across the globe. Coverage includes diverse topics such as controlling chemistry of gold nanoparticles to dictate their cellular interactions, uptake and toxicity, use of metal complexes to prepare 2-D materials and nanoscale porphyrin superstructures. Dr Malik Dilshad Khan (Post doc at Unizul)  and Prof. Revaprasadu have contributed a chapter titled ‘Progress in single source precursors for layered 2D metal chalcogenide thin films and nanomaterials’.

The contribution of a chapter and co-editing of the Nanoscience series has shown that he is a suitable commentator and practitioner in the field of Nanoscience.  He is involved in inviting contributions from various international scholars in the field. Important topics in the field of Nanoscience are highlighted in all the engagements he facilitates.

Through his work he has put the University name in the global as it showcases that the University is an important international hub in the field of Nanoscience.The SPR Nanoscience will be available in most libraries around the world. The book retails for 350 GBP on amazon website.

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