NSFAS has made a final determination that it will fund about 12 000 students at the University. These students have met the required academic performance. Students that have failed to show good academic progress have accordingly been excluded.

The University has no authority or control on how NSFAS run its affairs. The University is governed by rules. That include expectations that students will progress in their studies. The University is not a place for permanent residence. Some of the agitators of academic disruptions have been at the University since 2013. In other words, they have failed to complete a 4-year degree in the last 9 years, and in certain instance with outstanding 2nd year modules. These are the very same students who continue to post defamatory messages against the University and its management, often inciting violence and having no regard for the letter of law and university processes.

It needs no emphasizing the point that for every student admitted in higher education there are 10 more deserving students that couldn’t be admitted. When students fail, they occupy a space that other deserving students would have taken thus wasting the meagre resources of the country.

The University will take all measures necessary to ensure that the rights and interests of the majority of the students that take their studies seriously are protected. Please don’t be misled by individuals who fail to take their own academic education seriously.