Hard Work and Determination Earn Dlamini a Master’s Degree

Hard Work and Determination Earn Dlamini a Master’s Degree

“When I set my mind onto something, I make sure that I get it done against all odds.”

These are the words of Makhosi Dlamini, a 36-year-old who recently obtained a Master’s in Social Work qualification from the University of Zululand (UNIZULU) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Dlamini portrays herself as a reserved person but more so a goal driven woman. The scholar is currently employed at the Protective Services Department at UNIZULU.

Dlamini was born in a rural area at Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal and grew up with four sisters. She has a passion for working and helping the community. Helping to better another person’s life is an achievement to her.

Her research topic focused on stokvel, a common investment plan utilised mainly by black people without the assistance of any entity or the government. One of the pros of stokvels is their accessibility as they can be established in any setting, being it at work or at home. Dlamini was drawn to this practice because people often betray each other in the process.

“I wanted to research the risks about stokvel and how one can prevent those risks. I felt that if I [were] to publish such information, it will help someone to protect their investment,” said Dlamini.

The scholar described her journey of obtaining her qualification as a challenging one at first as it was hard for her to find a supervisor, until she approached the Dean of HSS, together with her classmate. She noted that it was difficult getting data from people since the country was struck by COVID-19 at the time of her research.

“After getting a supervisor, I started my qualification and during that time I lost my husband,” she said.

Although she was heartbroken, Dlamini used her pain as a steppingstone. Her studies thus became a much-needed distraction.

The graduate explained how her master’s qualification has motivated her and her children. “It has encouraged me even more because I know that now it is taking me to where I actually want to be, which is the PhD level,” she declared. For Dlamini, obtaining her master’s qualification was a goal she had set to reach by the age of 35, of which she has achieved. It was important for her to be a good role model to her kids by showing that anything is possible.

Dlamini is a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. She likes spending time with her children and travelling with them during holidays in order to create good memories. She describes herself as a very prayerful person who has achieved everything she has only through God. Her advice to students is to always look at the bigger picture, continue to strive for better and always to do their best.

The scholar sated that she is currently working on her statement of intent for her PhD.

– Sinenhlanhla Ngcongo

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