02 MARCH 2020

It has come to our attention that students are planning to strike today  due to various issues, amongst others, the SRC Administrator matter, the SRC budget for postgraduate students, security for students living off campus and increment of societies’ budget.

It is disappointing that the SRC Administrator issue continues to be raised on social media when it was  discussed  with all student formations.  In our meeting, it was explained that the appointment of the Administrator, Mr Makhoba, is the prerogative of the University Council and not university management.  The statute  guide university governance and it is the prerogative of council to appoint the SRC Administrator as encapsulated in the SRC constitution.

There were numerous discussions with student structures on the support for the office of the SRC Administrator.

Regarding the SRC budget for postgraduates, students are at liberty to make proposals to the office of the Dean of Students.   The Dean of Students have not received any proposal in this regard and to call for a strike before the Dean of students  office is given an opportunity to look into the matter does not make sense.   Similarly, no written proposal was received to increase societies’ budget.

The university has held numerous meetings with community stakeholders aimed at improving security for off campus students.  For all newly accredited student accommodation it is a prerequisite that security be provided.

The matter of the SRC constitutional amendments was discussed with student structures and they were advised that the office of the SRC Administrator received the SRC constitution for further consultation with the students. He has communicated to the students regarding the amendments.

The notion of raising matters on the social media platform is unhelpful and only serves to incite violence. The Dean of Students office is always open to discuss such issues.