UNIZULU First Year Law Students Take the Pledge

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UNIZULU First Year Law Students Take the Pledge

UNIZULU First Year Law Students Take the Pledge

The Law department at the university of Zululand recently hosted a pledge signing ceremony, a significant event for first-year law students. This event was hosted to usher inspiring legal minds to the legal profession and their commitment to upholding its ethical standards.

The ceremony symbolises the commitment and seriousness of professionalism. By taking part in this ritual, students publicly acknowledge their dedication to upholding the ethical standards and principles of the legal profession. This serves as an important reminder of the responsibilities they will carry as future lawyers.

The Head of Department Professor Matadi, in giving the purpose of the day said that this early exposure to ethical principles helps lay the groundwork for the students future practice of law and underscores the importance of integrity and professionalism. “ , participating in a pledge ceremony introduces you as law students to the concept of legal ethics and also instill a sense of reverence and respect for the profession’s legacy.” Explained Prof Matadi.

The guest speaker, Magistrate Simo Mthethwa, in his keynote address encouraged the first years about how UNIZULU has produced excellent legal minds. He mentioned a few legal minds that were groomed in this institution, while encouraging students to contribute towards the realisation of the goals.” The former Chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng who is the fourth Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa since the dawn of democracy sat in the same lecture halls as you. The current Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, Former Chief Justice Sandile Zondo. To mention but a few legal minds who were groomed in this very institution.” Explained Magistrate Mthethwa.

The oath taking was presided over by the Head of the Department of Law, Professor Tholaine Matadi, the academics from the department and students signed the pledge to record their commitment to the profession.

The pledges they made included promises to adhere to ethical guidelines and standards of conduct. a pledge ceremony fosters a sense of community among first-year law students. It provides an opportunity for them to come together and share in the experience of beginning their legal education journey. This sense of camaraderie can be invaluable as they navigate the challenges of law school and prepare for their future careers..

-Precious Shamase

-Picture by Samkele Sokhela