Department of Agriculture awards best performing Students

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Department of Agriculture awards best performing Students

Department of Agriculture awards best performing Students

The Department of Agriculture, in the faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering at the university of Zululand (UNIZULU) recently hosted a remarkable extramural activity. This initiative aimed at encouraging students’ participation and consultation following the challenges posed by the COVID -19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic reduced the opportunity for direct, real-time interaction between students and lecturers. Agriculture is a field that involves hands-on skills, such as field, animal housing, greenhouse, and laboratory work which was affecting the students’ interaction with academic and farm staff. Through engagement in activities like debates, soccer, and quizzes, the department has successfully fostered a well-rounded educational experience for its student.

Student scholarly triumph is reinforced by a range of inclusive, holistic student support interventions that address their individual needs, leverage their strengths, and focus on professional development and personal growth.

Department of Agriculture academics acknowledged the significance of fostering student engagement and providing opportunities for interaction beyond the traditional classroom setting. These awards served as a recognition of their hard work, dedication, and exceptional abilities. The activities resulted in the Department of Agriculture HOD awards being presented to the best performing and participating students.

Both postgraduate and undergraduate students actively participated in these activities, showcasing their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm. The soccer matches brought together teams of talented students, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. The quiz competitions tested their academic expertise, while the debates provided a platform for intellectual discourse and critical thinking.

The dedication and commitment displayed by the students were truly commendable. Their active involvement in these extra-curricular activities demonstrated their resilience and determination to excel despite the challenging circumstances.

Professor Fabian Nde Fon, one of the lecturers in the Department said “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who received these prestigious awards. Their achievements not only reflect their individual capabilities but also highlight the supportive and nurturing environment provided by Zululand University.”

While this was just the beginning, the event signaled a bright future for the Department of Agriculture’s student engagement event. As the department continues to foster a culture of innovation and excellence, we can only anticipate even more activities and enthusiasm in the years to come.

  • Precious Shamase