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About Us

The Communications and Marketing Division (CMD) at the University of Zululand (UNIZULU) is focused on improving and developing communications and marketing initiatives  within the University that are in keeping with international standards of a comprehensive university.

The Division’s focus is geared towards:

Enhancing internal communication amongst staff, students and management with an equivalent approach in keeping stakeholders, the global and local communities as well the private, corporate and government sectors informed about the latest developments at and about the University

Being the custodians of the University’s brand and image by protecting, promoting and nurturing both internally and externally

Ensuring maximum exposure of the University’s brand.


Mission and Vision

  • Enhance and protect the University’s reputation
  • Advance and strengthen the UNIZULU brand
  • Encourage community engagement and reinforce the University’s relevance to key stakeholders such as current and prospective students, staff, alumni, donors as well as friends to the University


  • Develop a proactive public relations and marketing communications programme that will enhance the University’s competitive position regionally, nationally and internationally as a leading comprehensive university providing quality education.
  • Increase awareness about the University’s academic offerings as well as successes of students and staff Improve the University’s image and reputation.
  • Strengthen and promote the University’s distinctive identity Build, nurture and sustain positive relationships among local, regional and national media Position UNIZULU staff as experts for use in the media as well as public sphere.
  • Enhance internal and external communications with UNIZULU stakeholders.
  • Improve and nurture a sense of loyalty, commitment and involvement among staff, students and alumni of the University.
  • Promote and increase public awareness about UNIZULU’s activities and achievements.
  • Relay important messages to all staff and students at UNIZULU.

Our Services

Communication with internal and external stakeholders in support of the University’s endeavours of becoming a leading university of choice

Marketing of the University

Media liaison

Stakeholder relationship management

Events management

Schools liaison

To enhance its position as a comprehensive university providing quality education, UNIZULU needs to present, to the public, a clear, united and immediately recognisable brand and image. To communicate this solidarity, it is essential that the university community understands the significance of its role in building the University’s brand.

Create and manage a comprehensive and integrated strategic marketing and communications programme for the University.