Slide UNIZULU ALUMNI Slide Mr Nkwanyana – Convocation President "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom." ecclesiastes 9:10 Slide Sphamandla Gumede - Public Relations

Emotional and psychological strength is very important as an individual.

Slide Dr Samson Mohomane (left) with his PhD supervisor Prof Tshwafo Motaung. "I knew that I needed to study chemistry if I was to understand how plastics behave, how water is purified and how to find cure(s) for many diseases
Slide Raymond Mnyamezeli Mlungisi Zondo "
We take our independence as judges very, very seriously. It is critical for our democracy. We dare not take chances with regard to that and its maintenance doesn’t depend on us as judges only – it depends also on the populace, the citizenry and how much they are prepared to fight for judicial independence to be maintained.

Mlambo is now a proud recipient of a Bachelor of Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase) qualification, which she obtained from the University of Zululand.

It feels like a miracle!

Slide Professor Mathews Mthembu Prof Mthembu is currently involved in exploring nanotechnology for water treatment and management, mainly applying the nanotechnology in the treatment of sludge. Slide THAMI MATHE In 1990 Thami enrolled at the University of Zululand in the Science Faculty for a Bachelor of Science (BSc) and completed his degree in 1992 majoring in Biochemistry and Chemistry. Slide DR PRAGASEN MUDALI "
UNIZULU has taught me that there are higher peaks to conquer and it is by continuously challenging ourselves that we will find greater fulfilment and purpose in our lives.

A thought leader ought to remember that where we come from, is rather too painful to go back to

I feel good because I had very good innings from 1994. The opportunity that I have had, I can never be able to replace it. The experience that I have gained will remain with me from the rest of my life.


Welcome to our alumni!

As a University of Zululand (UNIZULU) alumnus/alumna, you belong to a fast growing and unique network of people. Our alumni are empowered to make a difference in society and remain a key testament to our achievements as a comprehensive University. UNIZULU has a proud history of producing leaders in different spheres of society. Since its inception, great leaders, professionals and business people have passed through our academic conveyor belt. It is this proud tradition and heritage that makes UNIZULU a leading University.

Getting Involved

UNIZULU’s success depends on your willingness to get involved. There are many ways you can contribute to the success of your alma mater.
Career Guidance

You can make a vital contribution to the career development of current students and young alumni. Develop students essential skills to enhance their employment opportunities. Conduct information sessions to share best practices, such as interview skills and acceptable work behavior. Encourage your employer/company to establish partnerships with UNIZULU to provide students and alumni with internships and work integrated learning.
Career Guidance

Enhance the experience of current students by becoming a mentor. Sponsor a student project within your company. Post student employment opportunities on the UNIZULU social pages. Provide career advice to our undergraduates and pre-alumni. Obtain support in furthering your studies. Establish new networks with graduates.
Benefits of staying connected

An opportunity to catch up with old friends. Connecting to a talented, innovative, influential and very diverse population of UNIZULU alumni.Building relationships based on common interests. An opportunity to share professional experience and expertise.
Student Recruitment

Support UNIZULU in its efforts to recruit quality students. Make referrals by encouraging your colleagues, friends and family to enroll their children at the university. Talk to UNIZULU students and share your student experience. Offer financial support to prospective academically deserving students.

Promote UNIZULU’s interest, welfare and pride among alumni. Provide support at institutional events. Participate as guest speaker, panelist or advisor. Take on leadership roles and participate in advisory institutional committees.

Graduation 2020

We want to hear your story.

Your success is our success.

Share with us your story as a University of Zululand (UNIZULU) alumnus/alumna and upload your pdf document using the button below.

Encourage friends and other alumni you may know to upload their contact details on the alumni webpage by downloading the form here.


Staying Connected

Giving back to UNIZULU

As an institution of higher learning, UNIZULU has a responsibility to provide quality education in an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Our institution is committed to ensuring students from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to tertiary education in conjunction with infrastructure that will advance their social and recreational development. However, due to the increased demand for access to higher education and limited resources, UNIZULU has embarked on projects to generate third stream income to facilitate institutional projects. To ensure the success of these projects, we require your professional expertise and support.

There are a number of ways you can assist, including

Enrolling our undergraduates into your corporate internship programme.

Recruiting our students to provide support.

Participate in in-service training opportunities during vacation periods.

Contact the Alumni office

Raselepe Ntheledi

Email: NthelediR@unizulu.ac.za

Tel: 035 902 6211