UNIZULU bridging a leadership gap

UNIZULU have identified a gap in the development of staff at managerial levels, and as a result it has launched the University of Zululand Leadership Development programme at Umfolozi Casino recently.

One of the ways of addressing these developmental areas was to introduce leadership programmes aimed at enhancing leadership excellence.

Executive Director for Human Resources Ray Ngcobo thanked University of Stellenbosch Business School for having partnered with UNIZULU to deliver this programme.

“May this relationship grow stronger as we travel into the future and realise the benefits of running these programmes,” he said.

Ngcobo also said that leadership was about conceiving possible futures and amongst those, realising a chosen desired future. Lwazi Kleinbooi, organizational development manager at UNIZULU, said Stellenbosch University has been identified as the institution suitable to offer a leadership development programme that will meet the needs of UNIZULU managers.

“This will be an annual programme commencing in 2017. The target market will be the management pool which comprises of the middle management of the institution, said Kleinbooi.

She also said that most participants were enthusiastic to be part of the intervention.

“I would like to thank the leadership of the university for approving such a programme to run on an annual basis. Also, the participants for their enthusiasm and commitment to the programme,” said Kleinbooi


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