Student Governance

Student Governance and Development (SGD) is a section under Student Services Department (SSD) in the University of Zululand (UNIZULU). The section advocates for the development and leadership of all student structures within the University, part of it, is providing trainings, developmental programs and forums to student structures which are designed to capacitate all student formations within UNIZULU.

The section consists of only one (1) staff members who directly report to the Dean of Students (HOD; Student Services Department).

The SGD administer SRC, SP and 86 societies and formations in KwaDlangezwa and Richards Bay Campuses both academic and non-academic. The section remained the supreme oversee of student structures in all matters that require student governance within UNIZULU community. Furthermore, the section is responsible for all student societies’ affairs ranging from trainings to operational duties. The term of all structures is one (1) year from September to August annually.

It has been observed that, students that have participated in student leadership are more employable that a normal student due to extra curricula activities the student gets exposed to.


Students’ organizations vary from:




Extracurricular Societies

Religious Council

Faculty Councils

By the end of 2013, there were 86 Registered Societies in total.


Under the same office we also have:

Student Parliament

Student Representative Council (SRC)


Portfolio and contact number

SGO officer               Mr. IKS Mnqayi

Contact number       035 902 6346/ 6718

Fax                              035 902 6338/086 536 7267



The Student Parliament (SP)

The Student Parliament is constituted by two (2) members drawn from all student formation which are registered within the Student Governance and development. The structure has twelve (12) months term of office in any given year. The Student Parliament remain the policy formulating body of all student policy matters and ensure judicial compliance within student body of the University of Zululand.


SP members 2013/2014

Speaker                                             : Miss N Buthelezi

Deputy Speaker                               : Mr. W Dindi

Convenor                                          : Mr. S Mnguni


Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an administrative structure served by elected members that are nominated by students on an annual basis. The SRC is dedicated to equity and the members provide their services irrespective of the political or ethical background of their constituency.  In accordance with our constitution, the SRC is elected from various student organizations and is as representative of the entire student body as possible.

The SRC explores leads, educates and also commit itself to sustainable development, moulding the shared values of diversity into a unified, powerful motion of success. It is in the best interests of the students to take an active part in the SRC.

According to the SRC constitution, there are 19 portfolios, fourteen of which are contested during the SRC elections and the other portfolios are filled through the relevant structures, which include:

All Sport Council

Religious Council

House Committee

Faculty Council

Students with different abilities

SRC 2013/2014 Members