Revisiting SA’s political history

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Revisiting SA’s political history

University of Zululand’s academic, Dr Philden Ndlela has published an essay revisiting a letter that was crafted on Robben Island to former president P. W. Botha by that forgotten teacher, visionary and unassuming character, Govan Mbeki.  He lectures in English at the University.

In his essay, Dr Ndlela argues that chaining the prisoner’s body does not necessarily diminish his mind. One of the salient features of Mbeki’s letter is the pervasive and remarkable spirit of non-capitulation embedded in it; his choice for freedom in chains rather than bondage beyond a prison’s confines.

Dr Ndlela writes that the political odyssey defining the long life of Govan Mbeki, co-accused with Mandela, is a testament to the courage of his will, a will marking him as a catalyst for social change. The evidence of his life, work and beliefs shows how he strove for justice.

He was a man who acted as a mirror redefining social responsibility in those who were deemed leaders.

His life reflected the power of transformative activism.

In short, he was a man who valued the power that ideas have over authority.

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