Prof Peter Scogings
Department of Agriculture: Associate Professor – Faculty of Science and Agriculture

Prof Scogings holds a MSc in Wildlife Management from Pretoria University and a PhD in Pasture Science from University of Fort Hare. He is an advisory editor of African Journal of Range and Forage Science. His former experience includes Senior Lecturer and Researcher (Rangelands) at University of Fort Hare, Grassland Society of Southern Africa Council member and editor of African Journal of Range and Forage Science. Prof Scogings is a published researcher and continues to mentor postgraduate students. His academic activities foster agriculture and rural development, pasture ecology and management locally and internationally. His research is focused on the complex interactions between plants and herbivores in extensive (rangeland) systems, principally between trees and mammalian herbivores in African savannas. He also investigates plant-herbivore interaction and recognises strong linkages between ecological and agricultural sciences.