Dr Pullabhotla

Dr. Pullabhotla obtained his MSc (Eng) (Distinction) for his work on dehydrogenation of menthone to thymol over supported metal catalysts from JNT University, India. He started his career as a Project Engineer at the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP-CSIR) worked on various petroleum research projects and further continued his career in the petrochemical industry as a Deputy Manager (QC, R & D). Dr. Pullabhotla holds a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis from UKZN. His PhD research allowed him to publish 9 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 1 book chapter.

His interest in the petroleum and the heterogeneous catalysis field influenced his choice of PhD topic that is related to the synthesis of the mesoporous and microporous molecular sieves, impregnation of the different metals into the microporous materials and studying the activity of those catalysts in the oxidation of higher alkanes (C16, C14 and C12) using ozone. The alkanes are highly stable at room temperature conditions and even at elevated temperature and pressure conditions. In his PhD studies he employed various metal loaded microporous and mesoporous catalyst systems in the ozone initiated oxidation of higher alkanes to value added products at ambient conditions.

With his interest in the electron microscopy he shifted his focus to the materials synthesis and characterization of the as-synthesized material with the advanced techniques using microscopy. His academic activities foster analytical chemistry and his research is focused on the heterogeneous catalysis, petrochemicals, oxidation reactions and nanomaterials. Dr Pullabhotla has published 37 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, a book chapter, and has presented 12 papers at national and international conferences.