Innovation and Intellectual Property

The purpose of the University’s Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (IPTTO) programme is to promote interaction and to strengthen the linkage between the University and Industry. The IPTTO is designed to develop a robust intellectual Property Rights portfolio through patenting, copyright and technology licensing.

Research & Innovation Office will assist with:

  • Checking research records to identify potentially promising Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Interviewing researchers.
  • Collating of data.
  • Presenting projects to the IP Steering Committee.
  • Protecting IP by appropriate legal means such as patents.
  • Drawing up IP agreements to recognise ownership rights and share benefits.
  • Maintaining a database of the university’s IPTTO programme and making presentations to raise awareness of IP.

KZNROTT Website and Technology Database
Information about the KZNROTT is hosted on the UKZN IPTTO website. It is projected that by the first half of 2015 the website will have the database of technologies in each regional institution. It is envisaged that the database would further promote collaboration on the technology level within regional institutions. The database will also be used by our partners to identify technologies of interest (eg KZNDED).

Important Links

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