Prof Aroon Beesham

Department of Mathematical Science – Faculty of Science & Agriculture

Prof BeeshamProf Beesham joined UNIZULU in 1990 as Professor of Applied Mathematics. His research area is general relativity and cosmology. Apart from his scientific interests, his main interest is in music and he plays the guitar. He explains: “Einstein’s general relativity is a theory of gravitation. If one studies a typical star like the sun, one can ask what will happen to the sun after it has exhausted all its nuclear fuel. Depending upon its mass, the star collapses into a small compact object, such as a white dwarf or neutron star. However, according to general relativity, if the star is very massive, then it forms a so-called singularity, with extreme temperatures, pressures, etc. This singularity can be either a black hole or a naked singularity, and this is one topic that I am working in. The other main topic is cosmology, the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe. Currently, more than 95% of the matter content of the universe is believed to be in some form of dark matter or dark energy, which cannot be detected directly, but by indirect means, such as the motion of bodies. We are trying to understand the nature of this unknown form of matter, and its effect on the universe, including tracing back to the origins of the universe.”