Policy Development and Secretariat

Deputy Registrar: Policy Management: Mr M Kheswa

About Us

This Department is responsible for the archiving of the documentation of the meetings of Council, Senate and its subcommittees. By providing the annual calendar for the entire University, the Department ensures that academic programmes and official meetings are managed in an orderly fashion.

Services are driven by the needs of clients and interaction therefore takes place in a dynamic process where highly experienced managers handle all official meetings of the institution.


Mr M Kheswa: Deputy Registrar: Policy Management
Tel: 035 902 6825
Email: KheswaM@unizulu.ac.za

Ms G S Vilakazi: Manager: Committee Administration
Tel: 035  902 6289

Mr T Chirwa: Committee Co-odinator
Tel: 035 902 6182
Email: ChirwaT@unizulu.ac.za

Mr M Mkhwanazi: Committee Co-ordinator
Tel: 035 902 6778
Email: MkhwanaziM@unizulu.ac.za

Mr J. M Ndlovana: Archives Officer
Tel: 035 902 6181
Email: NdlovanaJ@unizulu.ac.za

Ms M Fumanisa: Committee Co-ordinator
Tel: 035 902 6724
Email: FumanisaM@unizulu.ac.za