Community Engagement Working Group

Who is CEWG?

The Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) is a task team of the Overarching Reconfiguration Committee (ORC). ORC was set up by Council as part of the University’s transformation to ‘comprehensive’ status, and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. CEWG comprises representation from each of the four Faculties, and Administration.

The present membership is as follows:


Dr J Boughey Chairperson
Mrs E van Heerden Secretary
Mrs N Dodd Faculty of Commerce Admin & Law Rep
Mr M Dengetsha Faculty of Commerce Admin & Law Rep
Dr A Zobolo Faculty of Science & Agriculture Rep
Mrs SM Ntuli Faculty of Science & Agriculture Rep
Dr NH Ntombela Faculty of Arts Rep
Dr V Rugbeer Faculty of Arts Rep
Ms C Luthuli Faculty of Education Rep
Mr T Leshoro Administration Rep
Mr NS Makathini Administration Rep
Dr MC Maphalala CEEL
Mr NA Dikiza QPU

Types of Projects Currently Funded

  • Project Ukunakela / Project Care
  • The Power & Victory in an information sharing session on HIV/AIDS.  Practical education on HIV/AIDS pandemic through sports
  • Chemical Education for Science Educators & Learners at High Schools
  • Youth Development through Sports in the Kwa-Dlangezwa Community
  • Kwa-Dlangezwa Secondary School’s Newspaper & Visitation Program
  • uBuhlebuyeza Older Persons Project
  • UniZulu School Outreach Library
  • Siyafunda Literacy Project
  • Mission Green Earth
  • Educating the community of their role in social integration of ex-offenders back into the community
  • Collaborative health support for HIV/AIDS in the rural northern KZN
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Community Service-Learning

The mandate for promoting Community Service-Learning (CSL) in the Curriculum, as the preferred form of engagement between University and Community lies in our Institutional Operating Plan (IOP) 2006-2009, which makes the following commitment:

“Service learning, combining community service with credit bearing learning, is to be introduced between 2007 and 2009….. all programmes will be required to develop a credit based service learning component in line with CHE/HEQC requirements and the fundamental national goals of development”.

To assist in achieving the target set out in the IOP, the Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) has secured funding for 8 pilot projects (2 per Faculty), at R20, 000 per project, to be established in 2009. As an additional incentive to get staff members involved in Service Learning, funding has also been granted for a Distinguished Community Engagement Practitioner Award (along the lines of the already established Rector’s Distinguished Teacher Award). These awards, each worth R 5,000, will be made twice a year.

A Service-Learning module has the following essential features (see Bringle & Hatcher, 1995):

  • It has the same characteristics as any other module in that is curriculum-based, credit-bearing, and (therefore) assessed. Academic credit is based on the academic learning that occurs as a result of the community service.
  • It is organized in such a way that it meets an identified community need.
  • Students reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of personal values and civic responsibility.

Funding Forms

The application for funding form (CE1_09) is currently available for new projects. Just click here to download it.

Simply click here to complete the form and to obtain the necessary authorization and submit for approval.

To complete your annual report back form for funding (CE2_09) received click here.

Contact Us

Dr John Boughey
Chair CEWG or internal box 4

Mrs Eve van Heerden
Secretary CEWG or internal box 97

Mr Thabo Leshoro
Administration Rep & Webpage Designer