Media statement by Normah Zondo: UNIZULU Director of Communications and Marketing

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THE University of Zululand (UNIZULU) is distraught by the incident that occurred on 1 October 2014 where two students and on campus driving school employee were struck by flying corrugated metal sheets. The incident was a result of the windy weather the region has been experiencing.

One student sustained two abrasions including bruises at the back of the skull(occipital area) and contusion at the back of the neck as well as compound fracture on the right upper arm. The second student sustained a 5-7cm laceration on the left upper arm, contusion of the upper jaw, the upper teeth and scalp, swollen right ankle and abrasions on both knees. The driving school employee had suspected fracture of the left lower arm, right knee abrasion.

The three sufferers were treated by our UNIZULU Campus Clinic professional nurse and transported to Ngwelezane Hospital where one of the students was taken to theatre and the other student treated and discharged as well as the driving school employee.