Letter from the Administrator

cdbThe constitution of the new Council on 8 October 2013 marks the end of the period of administration of University of Zululand (UNIZULU). During this time much emphasis was placed,among others, on the restoration of good governance and administration, the development of arenewed institutional focus on the core functions of the University, the implementation of theprinciples of sound financial planning and reporting, improving the staff and student experience,and the development and renewal of infrastructure.

The authority of Council, which vested in the Administrator during the period of administration, will revert to the newly constituted Council on 8 October 2013. I firmly believe that the University is now better positioned to apply the principles of good governance and administration and to build on the guiding framework provided by the Institutional Rules and Policies developed during the period of
administration. The University should be able to function well under the guidance and governance of the new Council.

It is therefore an unparalleled privilege to welcome new members of the Council to the University. You are called upon to perform the functions associated with the governance of UNIZULU during a time when the University remains delicately poised between failure and success. Leading the University during this time will require unprecedented commitment to the future success of the institution, thorough knowledge of the tertiary education environment, a full appraisal of the institutional dynamics impacting on the functioning of the institution and a substantive compliance with the Code of Conduct for members of Council. I wish you well with the challenging task of executing your mandate as the Council of University of Zululand.

– Professor Chris de Beer – Administrator