Laying down the law …

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UNIVERSITY of Zululand’s Law Department recently hosted a public law lecture at the Walter Gcabashe Chapel.

The guest speaker, Advocate S.S Gwagwa, spoke about different career opportunities for law students. Gwagwa, who runs his own law firm in Richards Bay, said the purpose of the seminar was to make law more accessible as well as to discuss all the challenges faced by students.

Growing up, Gwagwa wasn’t completely set on studying law, and he had to decide between journalism and law. Today he is a successful advocate who’s been running his firm for 14 years.

He said some students did not do enough research about law degrees and what they entail. He said some don’t even know what careers they can pursue within the profession.

“Some students think that the law profession is only about the courts and being a judge”. “Lawyers are important for almost every aspect of our professional lives these days as they draft wills, laws and many other things,” said Gwagwa. He also said that students need to know why they want to study law before undertaking an LLB degree.

“Successful law graduates that have completed their articles can become prosecutors, academic lecturers, admitted attorneys or advocates.” To gain experience he advised students to do volunteer work at law firms during holidays.

He said it was important for law students to be punctual and to dress accordingly at all times. “As a lawyer you need to adhere to the formal black and white dress code so that you are presentable,” he said. The seminar was well received by students, many saying that they had gained valuable insights on many aspects of the law profession.