Judge urges students to focus on studies

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Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwathi (centre) with some of the students after the lecture

Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwathi (centre) with some of the students after the lecture

As part of the Office of the Chief Justice Women’s Month University Lecture Series 2015, Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwati was on Campus to address staff and students on Tuesday, 22 September 2015.

Judge Poyo-Dlwathi encouraged students to be focused on their studies and to understand their role. “You need to understand the reason for you to be at the University. Do not lose focus and I advise you not to be consumed by the social networks. Spend at least 30 minutes per day on Facebook and use the rest of the day shaping your future by hitting the books,” said the Judge.

The Judge also said that it doesn’t matter where one comes from but the important issue is the destination. “You should always believe that you can make it. I was born in the rural part of Eastern Cape, in Ngcobo, and we used to plough fields but today I’m a judge because I kept hope alive,” said Poyo-Dlwathi.

Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwati is the Judge of the KZN Division of the High Court. Judge Poyo- Dlwati is an admitted Attorney and Conveyancer of the KZN Division High Court.  She previously held strategic portfolios in various legal structures including Co-Chairperson of Law Society of South Africa and President of KwaZulu-Natal Law Society.