International Linkages Overview

In 2010, and in keeping with its logo “Restructured for Relevance”, the University embarked on a multidisciplinary approach to redefine its brand, to consolidate its core business and to seek partners that would assist the university be more relevant to its dynamic environment. The Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Fikile Mazibuko, aptly remarks about the importance of UNIZULU finding its niche in the global arena:     “…our participation in international collaborations, academic partnerships and exchange programmes is fundamental in our growth, development and contribution to the global community. As a comprehensive university that strives to be globally competitive, there exists great potential for further growth as the university continues to transform its identity and approach to its core business.”

The International Linkages Office (ILO) reports to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Over the years the Office continues to contribute in founding new collaborations and assists in enhancing the quality of existing ones based on UNIZULU’s vision and mission, developmental and other priorities. The ILO’s motto of ‘bringing the world to UNIZULU and sending UNIZULU to the world plays itself out as the ILO provides relevant information and services to the entire university community.


International Partners

The university lists the following among its current collaborations and partnerships: Read More

International Scholarships

It is a fact that a sizable number of UNIZULU’s local personnell hold qualifications from reputable international institutions.Read More

Exchange Programmes

At present some of UNIZULU’s international collaborations are based on but are not limited to the following:Read More


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