Institutional update on the transition from level 4 to level 3 lockdown

10 June 2020

University Management has been working on plans to implement Government’s Risk Adjusted Strategy for the phased-in return of students to the campus. In doing so, Management is guided by the COVID-19 Regulations under Level 3 Lockdown. To this end, the University has completed its own situational analysis through the efforts of the Teaching & Learning Centre, Deans of Faculties as well as support divisions.

The University’s planning will remain an ongoing process to keep up pace with the situation at it evolves.

The Implementation of the phased-in return is informed by the following principles:

  1. Ensuring that all Infrastructure conforms to new standards in hygiene and infection prevention under the protocols of the COVID-19 regulations.
  2. Ensuring adherence to the health and safety protocols by all students, staff, service providers and visitors to the campus.
  3. Management and co-ordination of daily operations related to teaching and learning on campus.

Campus State of Readiness

In pursuance of the above

  • All buildings and student residences have been cleaned and sanitised in line with the Regulations under the Disaster Management Act.
  • The Protective Services Department is on standby to implement actions and measures in respect of security and access control at all entrances and other key points of the campuses.
  • The Campus Health Clinic is ready to implement screening procedures.
  • Sanitizers will be available for all buildings, including lecture rooms, the library and laboratories.
  • Ongoing cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces is carried out daily to ensure that all surfaces remain safe for use.

Multimodal Teaching and Learning

Under the current Level 3 lockdown regulations and guidelines, all students are expected work remotely. To this end, the University has ramped up its online platforms and has since acquired the latest version of Moodle. Academics have gone through online training as a way of familiarizing themselves with the new online teaching and learning environment.

For more information on the details of these modalities and their impact on individuals, kindly contact the Office of your Faculty Dean or the administrative head for your area of operation or learning.

Students are currently only allowed back to the University under exceptional circumstances, such as those that need to meet laboratory requirements of accrediting bodies or professional associations. As per the government regulations, the University has decided to allow the return of final year Nursing Science students to enable them to undergo their mandatory clinical training. Nursing Science students who stay in the University residences shall be allowed back to their rooms. Those residing off-campus shall be expected to return to their rented places. These students will be allowed to come to campus under very strict and clear conditions.

Deans of Faculties will reflect on the next category of students to be allowed back on campus, and will advise Management accordingly.

In the meantime, the University is busy delivering printed learning material to all students that have indicated that they are unable to participate on the online learning platforms, either because of a lack of appropriate equipment or poor connectivity.


In line with government regulations;

  • No student should return to campus or residence unless they have received a specific and formal letter to that effect from the University.


  • Permission to enter University premises will be given only to individuals that have been invited back on campus based on the decision of Management under advisement from the Academic Deans and other relevant structures.