Inaugural lecture

The University of Zululand has launched the inaugural lecture series as part of knowledge sharing and generating. Professor Thwala and Professor Tewari presented their inaugural lectures respectively on 14 and 16th August at the Council Chambers. Professor Jabulani Thwala lecture was  titled: The Philophonetics Therapeutic Modality: Its contribution in the diversified cultures of South African Society in the 21st Century and beyond. Professor Tewari topic was titled Increasing Human Progress through Education: Need for a Quantum Leap in Education Policy.

Professor Thwala topic focused on therapeutic approach Philophonetics counselling where activities are consciously governed and controlled by the client who is in charge of the session and its length. The  beauty of this modality is that all over the world, psychologists and psychotherapists speak of the best possible therapeutic interventions they can use without actively engaging the client and this modality approach is vice-versa.

Professor Tewari topic focused on evolving education within the changing context it examined character building as the main basis for education, which thus allude to the fact that the root of all human progress is thus the quality of people.  It suggested that reformed education should include: the special education taught in schools, colleges and universities, experiential education (learning by experiences), human value education (learning of subtle qualities of virtue and leadership from family, role models, and religious sources).

Inaugural lectures are a central part of university academic life. These events are held to commemorate the inaugural lecturer’s appointment to a full professorship. The inaugural lecture provides a platform for the academic to present the body of research that they have been focusing on during their career. The lecture also provides UNIZULU with the opportunity to showcase its academics and share its research with members of the wider university community and the general public in an accessible way. Certainly, appointment to a full professorship, is the formal pinnacle of an academic career, and presents a cause for celebration and reflection on the work that brought the incumbent to this position. It also signals the beginning of yet further and higher intellectual achievement.

The University of Zululand is looking forward to host the next lecture series in October in order amplify the importance of university initiatives of this nature as well as intelligent choices that academics and emerging researchers should make about their careers .

The next in the Series scheduled for October is Professor MC Maphalala (Dean: Faculty of Education) and Prof NW Kunene (Dean: Faculty of Science and Agriculture)