I have applied through CAO and have not received any response, what shall I do?

Applicants must log online or call CAO to check their status on the CAO website. The CAO number is 031 2684444

I have been given a firm offer, what is the next step?

The applicant must wait for further communication from the University.

How do I apply for accommodation?

First year registered undergraduates will be attended for student accommodation on campus on a first- in, first served basis. The student room allocations for first years is on a proportional basis across the four faculties of the University.

After academic registration, first years must proceed to the Student Housing section with their proof of registration and student cards, where they would confirm the availability of space in residences. The university has a limited number of bed-spaces on its campuses. Those who will not be accommodated on the campus student accommodation should look for an alternative accommodation elsewhere.  Please note that to pay an upfront initial deposit for student residence does not mean you will be allocated a room in residences.

For further information please contact:  Mrs T Nsibande at Student Housing on 035-9026179.

Applications for Returning students accommodation are done online

Will the University accept walk-ins or can I still apply in January?

The university will not be accepting walk-ins as the process of application is handled by the CAO

What are the registration dates for returning students?

21 January 2019 to 01 February 2019

I have received a firm offer but there is no student number, what shall I use as a reference when depositing funds at the bank?

You can only pay once you have received student number.

I meet all the requirements but I was not accepted, what is the cause?

There a number of factors namely; available spaces, points and whether you made UNIZULU your first or second choice on the CAO form.

Preference is given to those who made UNIZULU their first or second choice as a place of study

How do I access study funding facilities?

NSFAS funding can be applied for directly online.

How do I identify the officials available to offer assistance, during registration?

The officials will be wearing bibs with the University logo

When do lectures begin?

4 February 2019

I have a bursary, does this also cover registration fees?

Yes it does

I have the minimum registration fee, but may not have the tuition fees. Is there help available to me, once I am inside the University?

You can apply for NSFAS and any other available funding