About Us



To be one of the leading Faculties of Arts, nationally and globally, based in a rural setting, providing quality career programmes and service through our teaching, research and community engagement.


1. To provide access to students from diverse backgrounds to an enabling and caring learning and teaching environment
2. To respond to the global demand for human resource development by training graduates in relevant programmes
3. To generate knowledge through research in the pure and applied sciences and to disseminate it through publications, teaching and development, in partnership with the community and other constituencies.


The Faculty of Arts is the largest Faculty at the University of Zululand representing the largest number of enrolled students and the highest student to staff ratio. The 18 departments cover a wide range of fields including language and linguistics to social sciences and the humanities. The Faculty of Arts remains dedicated to excellence and innovation in all fields and supports many research programmes and SAPSE – recognised journals. Our role reflects the central role of the University of Zululand: tuition, research and community service, particularly in humanities and social sciences.

The Faculty of Arts offers a formative BA, which will accommodate students who have not yet decided on a career they want to pursue. After a foundational first-year, students can choose subjects to study in greater depth, such as the languages, culture, history, philosophy, and the performing arts. The degree will provide students with a broad grounding of skills, abilities, knowledge, understanding and awareness, and thus equip them with a background that will be useful to them as future employees and/or entrepreneurs.