Bachelor of Arts in German


German is a global language of science, business, trade, culture and modern communication. On the internet, in science and research publications it is one of the most important languages. The knowledge of German, the language of one of South Africa’s most important trading partners, is an important career enhancing factor for South African students, especially in the fields of business, trade and tourism. German is also vital for international and diplomatic relations, and several students of the University of Zululand have received scholarships in the past through the German Department to attend Courses in Germany.

Undergraduate German Programme

The German Department does not offer an independent programme at undergraduate level. The modules that it offers form part of the following programmes and may be taken as major or as elective modules:

B Tourism – ARDEG1 (elective module);
B Consumer Science – Hospitality and Tourism SBSC56 (compulsory module) Diploma in Hospitality Management SDIP02, modules AGHM111/112

  • General rules of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences apply.
  • No prior knowledge of German is necessary to register for the first year module “Beginners German 1”.
  • All undergraduate modules are linked and must be taken in sequence.
  • Students with prior knowledge of German (e.g. German as home language or at matriclevel) may be admitted to a linked module at any level, provided that they can demonstrate that they fulfill the requirements of such a module – e.g. by passing a test set by the German Department.



Semester Subject Name Subject  Code Credits NQF  Level  Pre-requisites Co-requisites Compulsory
Semester 1 Beginner’s
German 1
AGER111 15 5 Y (for SBSC56)
N (other programme)
Semester 2 Beginner’s
German 2
AGER112 15 5 AGER111 N


Semester Subject Name Subject Code Credits NQF Level Pre-requisites Co-requisites Compulsory
Semester 1 Inter- mediate German 1 AGER211 15 6 AGER112 N
Semester 2 Inter- mediate German 2 AGER212 15 6 AGER211 N


Semester Subject Name Subject Code Credits NQF Level Pre-requisites Co-requisites Compulsory
Semester 1 Advanced German Language 1 AGER311 15 7 AGER212 AGER321 N
German Literature and Culture 1 AGER321 15 7 AGER212 AGER311 N
Semester 2 Advanced German Language 2 AGER312 15 7 AGER311 AGER322 N
German Literature and Culture 2 AGER322 15 7 AGER321 AGER312 N