Public Administration & Business Management

Purpose Statement
The aim of the programme is to enrich the minds of our students with the most developed analytical and critical thinking approaches that transform them into leaders in the service of the community and essential interlocutors. The programme further prepare graduates with the basic knowledge and skills required to meet the transformation needs of the public sector and will be of value to organisations, such as non-governmental organisations, Parastatals, Government enterprises and other institutions like research institutions and community based institutions. This programme promote an understanding of government and its relationship with the society it governs, encourages public policies more responsive to social needs; revolves around the “practical” solutions that it holds for challenges in governance.  It focuses on two core areas, Public Administration and Local government, it also allows students to choose between four streams, Political science, Economics, Human Resource management and Business management to form a dual major approach in the programme. Modules focus on sound theoretical grounding and good governance practices that support transparency, accountability, efficient and effective service delivery outcomes. In an attempt to address the challenges and needs of the public sector, this degree seeks to provide a comprehensive qualification in Public Administration and dual approach regarding majors ensures greater flexibility and specialisation, as required by the public sector. The successful completion of this degree will allow students to pursue careers in different public institutions within the South African context as well as the SADC region.

 Employment opportunities citing typical employers
A degree in public administration (BAdmin) prepares you not only for employment, but for life as an informed citizen ready to participate in public sector, politics and in community life through active involvement in civil society structures. The following are some of employment opportunities in field of public administration: Diplomatic Service, International Relations, Analyst, Political Economist, Administrative officer, Co-operative Manager, Public Sector coordinator, Civil servant, Lecturer, Researcher, etc.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

Public Administration has entrepreneurial opportunities in different governmental departments. A number of small and medium micro enterprises and cooperatives are emerging in the public sector to reduce unemployment and to alleviate poverty. Government also provide support to grow and sustain SMMEs and cooperatives.

Vertical articulation for further / higher degree studies where applicable

The programme is designed to be sufficient for students who wish to proceed to honours, masters and doctoral degrees, and in this way obtain the kind of depth that will make them attractive as professional and knowledge workers to work as researchers in public and private sector entities, and as academics at the universities. Vertical articulation from Honours to Master’s degree pipeline in Public Administration is among the most active in South African universities and is among the highest in terms of the production of knowledge and human capital.
5 Horizontal articulation with other qualifications where applicable
The programme is also well positioned to articulate horizontally to Political science and International relations qualifications, Development Studies and to postgraduate diplomas such as community work. It articulates horizontally with further education sector teacher education programmes, which is amongst the fastest employing sectors in the country especially given that this programme comprises teaching subjects such as economics and Business management.

Acting Head of Department

Ms Nokukhanya Jili, BAdmin (Public Administration), BAdmin Hons (Public Administration), MAdmin,
Tel: 035 902 6615

Faculty: Commerce, Administration and Law
Department: Public Administration
Degree: Bachelor of Administration
Majors: Public Administration Business Management
Abbreviation: BAdmin
NQF EXIT Level: 7
Admission Requirements: 1. NSC with degree endorsement OR Matric Exemption and an achievement rating of 28 points
2. English level 4 and Mathematical Literacy level 4 or Mathematics level 3
3. English SG level D or HG level E and Mathematics SG level D or HG level E
Minimum Credits for Admission: 28 Points
Minimum duration of studies: 3 Years
Presentation mode of modules: Day Classes
Intake for the qualification: January
Registration Cycle for the modules: January
Total credits to Graduate: 390


Year 1

Module Code Module Name Credits NQF Level Prerequisites Co-Requisites
Semester 1
CPAD101 Introduction to Public Administration 15 5 CPAD102
APOL111 Introduction to Political Science 15 5 APOL112
CECN101 Principles of Microeconomics 15 5 CECN102
CBMG101 Business Management 1A 15 5 CBMG102
CBIS101 Business Info Systems 1A 15 5
Semester 2
CPAD102 Introduction to Public Management 15 5 CPAD101
APOL112 South African Politics 15 5 APOL111
CECN102 Principles of Macroeconomics 15 5 CECN102
CBMG102 Business Management 1B 15 5 CBMG101
CBIS102 Business Info Systems 1B 15 5
Total credits: Year 2 150


Year 2

Module Code Module Name Credits NQF Level Prerequisites Co-Requisites
Semester 1
CPAD201 Basic Personnel Administration 15 6 CPAD101 CPAD202
CPLG201 Municipal Structure and Administration 15 6 CPLG202
LADM101 Administrative Law for Public Administration 15 6
CBMG201 Marketing Management 15 6 CBMG101 CBMG202
Semester 2
CPAD202 Introduction to Public Finance Management 15 6 CPAD102 CPAD201
CPLG202 Municipal Finance and Management 15 6 CPLG201
LRCL202 Constitutional Law B 15 6
CBMG202 Financial Management 15 6 CBMG102 CBMG201
Total credits: Year 2 120


Year 3

Module Code Module Name Credits NQF Level Prerequisites Co-Requisites
Semester 1
CPAD301 Public Policy Analysis 15 7 CPAD201 CPAD302
CPLG311 Municipal Governance 15 7 CPLG201 CPLG312
CPAD303 Research Methodology 15 7 CPAD312
CBMG301 Business Management 3A 15 7 CBMG201 CBMG302
Semester 2
CPAD302 Issues in Public Service Delivery 15 7 CPAD202
CPLG312 Municipal Accounting 15 7 CPLG202
CPAD304 Research Paper 15 7 CPAD303
CBMG302 Business Management 3B 15 7 CBMG202 CBMG301
Total credits: Year 3 120