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Democracy, Language and Inclusive Education in the African Context

Democracy, Language and Inclusive Education in the African Context

Kwesi Kwaa Prah University of Zululand Kwadlengezwa Introduction Democracy is ultimately more an ideal, a principle, than a formally constituted and historically fixed formula of government. To varying degrees and extents, it has featured in different societies at different points in history. In our times, the desirability of democracy as an overarching principle of social […]

Water and Sustainable Development from a South African Perspective

Asit K. Biswas My relations with South Africa started during the apartheid years. I was invited in 1976 by the then President of CSIR to give a keynote lecture at their annual meeting in Johannesburg. In 1978, I was invited to speak at the opening ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the University of Stellenbosch. [...]

Biological monitoring gets meaningful only when accompanied with physico-chemical surveys at shallow hydrothermal vents

Abstract: Marine hydrothermal vents (HVs) are unique extreme environments that provide a better understanding of evolutionary conditions of the early earth as well as projected global and climate change scenarios in marine systems (e.g., low pH due to high carbon dioxide and sulfite compounds, high temperature and turbidity, high loads of toxic chemicals such as [...]

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