The university of Zululand is pleased to announce its appointment of a Supply Chain Management Director, Mr ME Ngcobo.

Ngcobo reports directly to the Executive Director: Finance. His role entails aligning Supply Chain Strategies to the University’s Vision and Mission aspirations as well as develop and implement World-Class Supply Chain Strategies for the UNIZULU business activities amongst other things.

Unpacking his leadership style he said, “ I have an open door policy, meaning I take suggestions from anyone irrespective of the levels of the structures or ages but have firm belief in my convictions. I can interact with all levels of people from junior personnel to Senior Leadership.”

Prior to joining UNIZULU, Ngcobo is armed with an impressive career, worked as a Supply Chain Management Executive Consultant for TRANSNET SOC LIMITED  and he is bringing with him an extensive experience in SCM.

What keeps Ngcobo motivated is delivering results as per the business plan and seeing plans coming to fruition. His mantra is “be honest to yourself first before you can expect honesty “

Outlining his biggest career highlight, he said that developing new supply chains systems across various industries and sectors. Clarifying on Where he envisions the UNIZULU SCM in the near future he said that he wants a Fully Integrated and Optimised Supply Chain Management Function and Online Automation of business processes and procedures.

After a long day at work Ngcobo is kept entertained by his children, “they keep me very busy despite my daily loaded work challenges. “he chuckles.

UNIZULU is looking forward to reaping the benefits of the talent, commitment and focus that he has   brought to his  new position.

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