Safety on Campus

Primary Responsibility

The primary responsibility for the safety and security of the University of Zululand’s campus community is that of the Protective Services Department (PSD). 

Our Aim

We aim to ensure a safe and secure environment on campus in which quality teaching, learning and research can be done


The Protective Services Control Room  and offices are located on the  southern side of the  Campus,  opposite  the King Bhekuzulu Hall, next to the ATM’s


The    person    in   charge    of   the   PSD   is   Director,    Mr T G Ntuli, with the  Deputy Head of  Department  being Mr G  S Qwabe. The  PSD  has  an in-house  staff  of  46  permanent  security  members  and 40 casual security officers.

Our Services

  • Access Control
  • Control Room – Reporting Base
  • Patrolling & Guarding Duties
  • Satellite Stations, CCTV & Alarms
  • Investigation of alleged crimes, fraud, exam fraud  & misconduct
  • Traffic Control
  • Student & Staff Cards
  • Transport Assistance
  • Safety Health & Environment
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Protection

Access Control

Access  Control at  the Main Gate is  subcontracted to Isinkwe Security. They are responsible for searches at the Main  Gate  to ensure  that  no unauthorized items or equipment is brought onto or removed from the campus. It is also their responsibility to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the campus of the University of Zululand. Access to Residences are controlled by Ufukwe Security and PSD.

Control Room

The PSD operates from a Control Room which is  used as a reporting base for all crimes and serious incidents occurring on campus. In minor cases investigation are carried out by PSD staff. In more serious cases PSD staff act as a conduit between the campus community and the SAPS. The PSD is in constant touch with and work in close liaison with the South African Police Services (SAPS) at Mtunzini.


PSD has an Investigation Team who is responsible for the investigation of crimes, student  and  staff   indiscipline and exam fraud. They are also responsible for  the  preparation  of prosecution documentation to  punish  offenders and  as a deterrent to potential wrongdoer.

Patrolling Duties

PSD  members provide a seven day, 24 hour patrols (by foot, vehicle, motorbike and   four-wheeler   bikes)  and  guarding  service  on  the  campus,  including  residences,  our   extensive   grounds  and  also   the areas  immediately adjacent to the campus. 

Satellite Stations, CCTV and Alarms

The  PSD  has  three “satellite  stations” on campus  in  strategic places in the Student Residence Areas to assist students. Sensitive areas on campus are covered on a 24 hour basis by CCTV and during out of office hours also by intruder alarms.

Traffic Control

We control the free flow and parking of traffic on campus. We ensure that all traffic rules are obeyed on campus. Traffic Fines are issued by Security Officers when necessary. Report any traffic violations to PSD for action.

Assistance with transport

We assist the clinic staff and paramedics in the transport of sick and injured students between the campus and all local hospitals. Off campus students living in the areas surrounding the campus are also assisted by transporting them to their place of residence after attending late classes or study sessions.

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, Health and Environment matters also fall within the scope of the PSD duties. A dedicated staff member has the responsibility to ensure that our  campus  community remain safe and healthy and that they work and recreate in a healthy and safe environment. We also operate a fire detection and fire fighting service and this responsibility is supplemented very efficiently by the Fire & Emergency Services of the Umhlatuze City in whose borders the campus falls.

Student Cards

Student and Staff Cards are issued by the PSD, these cards allow staff and students access through the Main Gate and areas such  as the Library, Computer Labs, Bookshop, Student  Residences. These  cards are also  used  for  identification purposes.

What Can a student do to ensure their own safety ?

    • Always wear your Student Identity Card.
    • Walk along well-lit, familiar paths
    • Walk with confidence – show that you are aware and in control
    • Walk in groups
    • Be aware of people around you and situations that may be dangerous
    • Report suspicious persons or situations to PSD, we cannot help you if you do not report.
    • Have your keys ready before you reach your room or car.
    • Lock your room and close your windows even if you only intend to leave for a short time.
    • Lock your room door when you are inside, especially before you sleep
    • Keep all property away from open windows and lock valuable property in your locker.
    • Do not trust strangers.
    • Shout and scream if you feel threatened


    • Don’t walk alone at night
    • Don’t take short cut through a poorly lit area
    • Don’t leave your keys, cell phone, purse or student card unattended.
    • Don’t leave clothes on washing lines or in laundries for long periods
    • Don’t carry large amounts of money with you.
    • Don’t open your room door to strangers
    • Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs

Why are we telling you this ?

We want students to be safe while on the campus. We also want students to know that the Protection Services Department is there to assist at any time with any problem or emergency that you might experience.