Facilities Management Department


The Facilities Management Department manages the operation and maintenance of all facilities and plant at the University of Zululand. The University owns and maintains 330 buildings, totaling approximately 180,000 square meters of floor space which is located on 156 hectares of land. The Department also undertakes a variety of capital improvement projects that include all aspects from conceptual planning, contract documentation, specifications, design details, project management, and quality control through to final commissioning, operation and decommissioning.

Generally, the types of minor works and capital works projects include new buildings, safety and security facilities, recreational areas, office buildings, building restorations, water and sewer projects, sports facilities, site development, building renovations and major preventive maintenance projects. Major design services, construction work, materials testing and various other services are outsourced to private suppliers through competitive procurement processes.

Experienced project coordinators within the department’s sections administer the procurement and contracting process consistent with statutory requirements and University commercial control policies. They also ensure that consultants and contractors comply with quality control and the newly implemented Construction Safety Regulations.

Compliance with contract terms and conditions are closely monitored and strictly enforced. User friendly, functional, well-built facilities, which have lasting value, are produced within budget and ensuring that all Occupational Health and Safety requirements are applied with particular reference to National Building and Construction Regulations.




The Facilities Management Department plays a leadership role in developing and implementing a financially responsible capital improvement program and a facility management service for the University of Zululand.  All issues are handled efficiently with utmost integrity and fairness, creating trust among those with whom the department interacts.  A proactive approach is taken to build successful partnerships with other local and national government departments, communities, private and non-profit groups to acquire resources and maximize results on behalf of the University. In essence the Facilities Management Department strives to provide the means by which customer’s service and facility needs are satisfied in the most cost effective way subject to resource constraints and to meet the national education, commercial and industrial interests.




The Department’s vision is to develop Facilities Management as a business unit that maximizes the value of its services to staff and students thereby creating a more amicable environment to ensure academic program success by transforming the University property and physical facilities into a business resource and allowing the University to concentrate on its core business, namely, education.



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